My Inlaws and my parents visit from India very often. So practically 8 months in a year we have either my inlaws or my parents visiting us. They need to have indian food for both the meals. Working full time would make it very difficult for me to manage their meals. I would sometimes knead the flour till late night- half do the rotis and wake up early to make the rotis for the day. It was really tough. We didn’t want to spend about 1000usd to buy a roti making appliance, but Rotillicious looked affordable and my life has become really comfortable now. My in-laws can operate the Rotillicious without any hassle and there is no compromise on quality of the roti’s at the same time

When I first saw the video of Rotillicious, I always wanted to buy it immediately. I thought it was value for money. I didn’t have to pay 999 USD and wait for at least a year to get it. The excitement and fun fades away. With Rotillicious I got my delivery in 75 days. I was a bit concerned about the space as we live in a 2 bed apartment with decent size kitchen. But it didn’t take a lot of space and we could store it easily. The appliance is of really high quality. Thanks Rotillicious!

Rotillicious has made my life really easy. After teaching all day in school, I can now come back home and give my child and husband a lot of time as I don’t need to spend so much time in the kitchen. It is a complete value for money appliance. 409 GBP is really an awesome investment. Thanks Rotillicious!”

The quality of the rotis is just phenomenal. Being pregnant it was very difficult for me to manage to make rotis for the entire family. But after buying rotillicious, I get enough time to rest and give plenty of time to my family. I’ve been using the machine for three months now and I have had no issues with the quality at all

As a student, I always missed home food. Ready to eat food was available in the grocery stores but I never could manage to get good quality rotis. Rotillicious made me life easy. The rotis was exactly the same which I would have back in India. It falls to be a lot cheaper than buying the frozen rotis heating them in the microwave. It’s very easy to use as well.

I am the most lazy and impatient person in the world. But at the same time I love my Indian food. I hate cleaning the vessels and I need my food quick. In Rotillicious I found both. I could make 5 rotis in 5 minutes. After that I just needed a little bit of moist cloth to clean and that’s it. My curries and vegetables are stored in the freezer all week. The best part is that I can choose from 1 to 15 rotis to make.

Me and my husband live in Dubai. When I got married I knew I would miss my Indian food. Dubai doesn’t have an issue with Indian food. But I could never make rotis . I could make everything but couldn’t make rotis. The process of making a roti made me really lazy. Thanks to Rotillicious and the efficiency of the appliance, I am not HOME FOOD SICK any more. I can now very happily say that I am an complete desi wife!